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Actor Reads Yelp Review Of Mexican Border That Inexplicably Fears …

Yelp is way useful when you are trying to find cheap, satisfying grub, or chill vibes late at night, or are a bad date planner, or are just bad at life (like many Yelp users are).

One key hint that you are bad at life is when you use a thinly veiled identity to complain about a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint incident on Yelp. Another sign that your life skills lack is when said review apropos of nada incorporates phrases like “mucho homoerotico” in your story about narc dogs scoping your contraband stash of border jerky.

But when a real live actor whose roles include “Praying Guy” on one episode of “Malcom In The Middle” and “Pork Pie” on “Person of Interest” reads that review melodramatically, it’s almost totally worth it.

Strangely, theifilestv, tried to put a newsy spin on this in the video’s YouTube description. That is probably about as effective as bitching about the border patrol on Yelp, but here’s an article they linked to, in case you’re planning on wasting taxpayer dollars by smuggling dimebags into Texas.

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