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Best restaurant response to a nasty Yelp review ever!

Diana T.,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. Your concerns have now become mine. We are truly indebted to you for shining light on all the issues you mentioned. I did not want to let your review go unacknowledged. There are definitely things that we need to work on here at Asian Café. 

1st off, let me start by apologizing for our poor choice of location. But it is so fortunate that your fight or flight instincts kicked in as soon as you realized which side of town you were in. However, I will make sure to write a letter to the Governor and also the Mayor, to let them know they need to clean up Northern Sacramento. I wouldn’t want you to be a victim of any type of crime no matter where you decide to go. I’m sorry your life was in danger while driving through the mean streets to get to our restaurant. 

Secondly, let us now address the service time and “lack of authentic flavors.” You are absolutely correct, there is only one person cooking each plate one at a time… from scratch. 7 days a week from 10:30am – 8:30pm. I sincerely apologize for that Diana, we’re in the process of correcting the problem now. 

[Note to Self: Fire Laotian owner/wife and replace with a Mexican chef for increased authenticity and efficient service.]

And finally, I think the bars on the windows give the restaurant character… maybe even adds a sense of excitement! It keeps people on their toes, letting ones imagination wander. Keeps people guessing on whether we are being locked in as prisoners, or if it’s a preventative measure to keep the zombies out. I mean, I wouldn’t want Spiderman sporadically swinging through the windows and potentially hurting himself, our patrons, or more importantly… you for that matter. Although, that would be a totally cool sight to witness! 

(Spiderman crashing through the windows, not you getting hurt of course) 

I would be completely saddened if you became the first ever casualty at Asian Café. Your social contributions to the Yelp world can never be replaced. What would happen to all your achievements and the badges that you’ve earned? 

*Yikes! It’s giving me Goosebumps just thinking about it 🙁

Becky Grunewald from The SNR wrote and gave us a 4 star review. She clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about, just another food critic… It’s not like she’s on yelp or anything legit, right? I agree with you Diana T., “I have absolutely no idea how this place got 4 stars!” 

Side Note: I noticed your profile picture and OMG! Breaking Dawn part 2 coming out soon… I’m excited! But, you should wait until it comes out on Redbox. It’ll be much safer for you than at the movie theaters. However… if you decide to go, just don’t forget your bullet proof vest. 


Asian Café


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