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Big Brands top Penguin 2.0 results according to Optimal Internet

The advantage of tracing every SEO metric on a regular basis is that the effects any changes might bring about can be promptly spotted.  The impact of the update has generated thousands of questions from clients and others. 

By studying the data, a strong analysis is revealed. Highlights from the research indicate the top gainers and top losers for page 1 positions in Google. For the analysis, a large portion of keywords (300,000) were taken from the database and the top 10 domains ranking for each keyword. The data for 22/05/2013 was then compared with 23/05/2013. Penguin 2.0 was completely launched by the evening of 22/05/2013 therefore the results collected should reveal the full effect. 

The final analysis consisted of in total, 6 million rows of data and 333,979 unique domains.. What stands out is that reputed, large brand sites have benefited in this update as well as in previous updates. It is also interesting to note that universal search results, (represented by domain) and YouTube, also experienced a nudge in Top 10 rankings. Several reputed directory sites also climbed in ranking, such as (up 4%), (up 6%) and (up 11%). 

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