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Billion Dollar Bully – a new documentary about Yelp

I’ve been waiting for so long to talk to you about this project! Finally, I can show you. The filmmakers who made this documentary were exhaustive and uncovered so much evidence I’m surprised an indictment hasn’t been handed down. But it’s all soooooo cleverly masked behind free speech and internet law. Watch the trailer. Support the filmmakers. Show your support.


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. nona

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. sara


  3. sara

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Documentary Films

    Thanks for sharing.


    Legitimate positive reviews never see the light of day on YELP…but let someone trash a business and they are right on top!!!! I hope someone can squash this bug of a company! If you let one post on….you should allow all of them….then it's fair. I HATE YELP! i WOULD NEVER USE THIS SITE TO MAKE A LEGITIMATE DECISION BASED ON THEIR REVIEWS! WHAT A JOKE!

  6. Fred F

    No – Yelp censors everything!! Absolute description of whats wrong with the on line business!

  7. mary B.

    Reviews are censored. I cant post a review that is fair but not positive. A review that was also not positive about a dentist that was practicing poor unethical practices was suddenly erased. How does this happen?


    Wondering if the comments are working….

    1. Suzanne

      Wow What a disappoint to a company .. My company has 5 star reviews and if you don't pay YELP you don't get your stars … This is a disgrace all they want is bfor you to pay money to yelp ….. I'm very disinterested in giving YELP MY MONEY .. Your better off going with the better business ..!!!!

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