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Bottega Louie Still Reigns Supreme on Yelp

It’s not even close. With 5,399 online reviews, downtown Italian eatery Bottega Louie is miles ahead of the second “most reviewed” Los Angeles restaurant on Yelp.

This is no accident. The establishment works hard at cultivating its enviable relationship with customers. As Eater LA recently reported, Bottega Louie offers a New York-style special call-in number for VIPs.

And while most are probably not aware that today, April 24, is “Administrative Professionals’ Day,” that information is all over the Bottega Louie Facebook page. Several posts urge office supervisors to reward their underlings with the appropriate number of items from the restaurant’s separate Patisserie operation.

With all this civilian activity, it would seem well neigh impossible to squeeze in film shoots without upsetting the Yelp four-star rating. But Bottega Louie manages that too, recently receiving an LA Weekly shout-out from Southland associate producer and location manager Mike Haro. All in all, they’re doing it in grand style down there on Grand Ave.


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