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Burpple Challenges Yelp in Singapore, Brings Restaurant Reviews Outside the …

Burpple Find, Singapore restaurant reviews

After making fast progress from first launching its foodie-oriented photo app in May 2012, now Burpple has rolled out a user-submitted restaurant listings and reviews site in Singapore. It’s an interesting challenge to Yelp – which launched in the nation in September – by this local startup, covering “5,000 popular places and hidden gems” all across Singapore, replete with maps and plenty of excellent pictures.

The new web app is called Burpple Find. It lets you search by area, food type, or jump to a specific eatery. With Burpple users having posted over 150,000 food moments around the world, plenty of those took place in Singapore and are now laid out in Burpple Find. The listings give lots of useful info, such as a price range, tags, and dishes recommended by users (pictured below). The new feature looks great, too – way better than Yelp, and nicer even than the aesthetically pleasing Zomato. Interestingly, India-based Zomato is pondering Singapore as its next launch, so the local startup will likely have more competition later this year.

(UPDATED: Elisha from Burpple says: “While ‘Burpple Find’ is currently in beta in Singapore, we’re looking for local foodies who simply love to travel and recommend good eats in the region. If you have readers from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines who might be interested, they can write to us at community (at) with the title BURP TRAVEL.”)

Burpple has users in over 3,300 cities on its iPhone and Android apps, so the Burpple Find site will likely expand in the near future. For now, here are a couple more photos of the new site:

Burpple Find, Singapore restaurant reviewsBurpple Find, Singapore restaurant reviews


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