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Buying Better Yelp Results

If you’re a Yelp business owner, no doubt you saw the Important Message that went out today from Yelp talking about “reputation management” and how you can’t buy results on Yelp.

That is TRUE! You can’t pay for Yelp advertising to remove bad reviews, you can’t bribe them to take down negative reviews, you can’t pay a reputation management firm to have it removed. All of it, TRUE!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You CAN take control of your reputation and make Yelp irrelevant to your bottom line!

Using the right customer engagement strategies, and encouraging reviews on Google rather than Yelp, focusing on building citations from all over the web and a robust internet presence that gives customers the chance to experience bits of your brilliance is what it’s all about.

Turning over the reins of your business to just one site is crazy business. And I’m pretty certain nobody here is in that business!


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. Phoebe

    I have a restaurant business in Maui and sure enough my business rating is a 3.5-4 starts, but because of yelp filtering all my good reviews and left me with the bad ones, my restaurant is not even close to a 3 stars. How ridiculous is that? I am so glad to see this article about yelp and their so called and proud of filter review process which is bullshit! They need shut this piece of shit down! Trip advisor is so mich better!

    After submitting many complaints and email regarding about the issue, none of my concerns were respond!

  2. Jenny C.

    That is odd, I just went on Yelp and realized that my only two one star reviews were filtered. None of my good reviews or mediocre reviews were filtered. And this wasn't just my opinion being different than others – they were restaurants with just a couple reviews where my actually mattered in the stars calculation. I suspect you can somehow get Yelp to filter bad reviews.

  3. Jennifer

    The lawsuit website link works, but the website itself doesn't show dates or any details – do we know if this lawsuit is in effect? The "submit info" section of the website doesn't work either. I DEFINITELY want to be part of any class action lawsuits against Yelp.

    I'm a relatively new business (<2 yrs), but have received 8, 5-star reviews from actual unsolicited clients. I've emailed and complained, I've called, and get zero response from Yelp. I don't care whether I even have a Yelp listing, but since so many of my clients have given me glowing reviews, I'd like them to at least be seen by potential new clients. Their algorithm is completely unfair and biased, and works against honest businesses.

  4. shadi

    Have you seen the pictures on Yelp's listing on Yelp? Just saw a few, pictures of employees you can tell they were hand picked, I don't think normal good people would want to work for Yelp! There is one picture of this "Yelps Rules" wrote in the sands! This alone shows the mind set of these inhuman people! They believe they have they are ruling our lives! They are aware of destroying lives and they are proud of it! Hoe creepy is that!

    People in over seas pull down dictators by putting their lives on the line, why can't we have a organized demonstration to bring light and attention to this?

  5. Tammy D'

    We have several restaurants and opened in a new location. As all restaurant people know there are always kinks to work out. The first week we received a few bad reviews. One review specifically was a LONG 4 paragraph dissertation on how bad it was that we had forgotten to order powdered sugar and therefore his monte cristo was served without powdered sugar. The terminology he used would only be known by a restaurant manager or seasoned server/bartender. We also had several good reviews, however they are filtered in the unreliable opinion section. To test this I had a couple of staff and asked some regular guests to post some positive reviews. Some of those you can't find or are filtered.

    Our opening was I march and the bad ones still show up. What the heck can I do about this???? I'm so frustrated with this whole media thing. HELP!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nathan Moore

    Yelp sucks ass: One: It says I have to have a personal picture to comment, I don't think Microsoft using a picture of Bill Gates they use a company logo like all businesses. Also, its funny a reviewer on my page doesn't have a picture.Second: All they want is the money for you to advertise!!!!! i would never advertise with them. Also, isn't it funny that Groupon doesn't have a yelp page, although they are the ones that screwed me over by not paying me!!!!!

  7. Alex Royal

    I just want to say that I think YELP discriminates against businesses that do not pay YELP a monthly fee of $300 on YELP….. My company Mobile Mac Techs all together has 24 reviews. That of which only three reviews are showing. Two of them my worst reviews ever and only one of my better feedbacks leaving me with a rating of 2.5 stars. The other 21 reviews are filtered and they are from way more reliable resources and all/most of them are 5 stars!!!. All together I would have a 5 star rates business if it wasn't for YELP discriminating…

    I say Discriminating because I have competitors that I know pay YELP and YELP makes their company look like angels. I am sorry I am not interested in paying YELP $300 a month of my hard earned money just to make my company look better. I get a call from time to time from YELP asking me to pay to be on YELP and they would highlight my business. I do not care to be highlighted but I do care that they discriminate on businesses that do not pay. It is flat out not right! I wonder if there are other businesses dealing with the same discrimination! So I leave 1 star for YELP. If I could leave 0 stars I would. I also do not like the fact that when I try to contact them there I never get a return call back.

    This company blows and they need to figure out there filtering system ASAP!

  8. Frank

    If you want to discredit YELP do the following;

    Go to every random business you can (5 per day) and leave the following 5 star review


    The business won't complian because it is a 5 star reveiw and yelp can not remove it. It will be viewed by millions of people. Lets do what we CAN do to ge rid of YELP.

  9. Bonnie McCoy

    *YELP = You Extort Local Places

  10. bryan

    yelp sucks… they are just greedy web millionaires… trying to outdo some other web billionaire. Sad people really.

  11. Steve Bauer

    Yelp Blows! They filter all our good reviews saying the people are new or only place one yelp review, or some other bs!. Yet they post people who have never done business with us and have only one review our crappy one. They suck and shouldn't even be in business! We aske people if they had a great time and enjoyed the service to write a review most of them are not yelp people, new timers so to speak and their reviews almost always are filtered. Seriously they suck big time, and I agree with the others about holding you for ransome with their trash advertising program.

  12. dr piper

    Hello to any one,

    I totaly agree for your coments , YELP just start to like the GREEN 🙂 just like BBB

    I have my company listed on Yelp to and thay filtered all my reviews ?????????


    So i have to sign up my business on

    Angie's List . com and local website

  13. Jennifer P

    Our business has 11 filtered reviews. All but one are 5 star ratings. Go to the main review page, and it is the exact opposite. Yelp stated to me that if a reviewer is new, with no prior reviews, their first review will be filtered. WRONG – only filtered if it is a positive review.

    Case in point, Claude C left a review on Gartner Hyundai (where I work), and this was his first review. Guess what, it was horrible. He then immediately left a review for another dealer in the area. Guess what? Both reviews were posted. How is that possible?? I mean after all, yelp said new reviewers are filtered, right?

    Anyway, please like my facebook page, and let's do our best to bring down yelp together.

  14. Veronika

    Phil you are off topic, we are not talking about a bad business. We are talking about good people and businesses that get trashed by YELP.

  15. Veronika

    I need help. Adryenn, what do I do?

    I'd like to be a part of the class action against Yelp.

    On, it said they can not find my yelp information to peruse this law suit. PLEASE HELP

  16. robert

    WHy can't you yelp yelp?

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      You can Yelp Yelp. And I suggest doing it.

  17. Zareen

    They really do suck. As soon as I listed my website on Yelp, I got a call from my 'account manager' with advertisement requests. I said no and guess what, all my reviews have been filtered!! I called her again to find out why and again the same pressure to advertise to get results!! They need to be behind bars.

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      I know they "say" that the ad department and the filter department is separate, but if you listen to the hundreds of complaints I hear about small businesses who have great reviews being offered advertising, and when declining, all of a sudden and right afterwards, their good reviews are filtered. It certainly smells bad.

  18. Phil Osopher

    I didn't realize until recently that Yelp is as honest as our Congress and insider trading.

    I read the filtered reviews, so if I was checking out your establishment I would see them.

    On a recent episode of Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey concerning a place her in L.A. called ''The Hamburger Kitchen" (check them out, they're closed now…but they were getting slammed on Yelp), and the owner swore that Yelp had it in for him.

    Fact was their food stunk and service was just as bad.

    In fact you should check these episodes out, (2 parts). on Episode title :Hamburger Kitchen

  19. natasha

    So what are we supposed to do to fight the negative reviews? We have some on Yelp and on other sites but they are all extortionists, pay or it stays….advice?

    I heard you breifly on KFI this morning but I dont understand what I'm supposed to do here. I got an email from Yelp the other day saying that they wouldn't even accept our business listing since we aren't a store front. This is so unfair and stupid and wrong!

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      You have to make Yelp irrelevant to your business. If you aren't a storefront, the using Search Engine Optimization to push the Yelp listing to the back pages is best. Lots you can do. LOTS! Don't pay 'em. They just take your money and the sucky reviews stay. You have to take control!

  20. Brian

    Yep, you can't buy better Yelp results but you can sure as hell expect a ton of your good reviews to magically get "filtered" if you don't purchase their asinine advertising service. Also, funny that two bad reviews popped up not too long after I refused to buy their advertising scam. Also funny that both of those negative reviews were from new users with only one review and mentioned products I don't even sell. According to their ridiculous video, that's the type of reviews that should be filtered. I usually have either four or five reviews filtered and it's always (100% of the time) the good reviews. They're reviews from established and "elite" Yelpers so I don't see why they would be considered "questionable" by their little filtering system. It's absolutely mind boggling how ridiculous Yelp is. They're basically e-thugs. I hate to say it, but many hardcore Yelp users are a giant pain in the backside too. Haha, before I found this site, I typed into my browser and it redirected to Yelps main site. Pretty damn funny that they took that domain name. I'm just gonna end my rant at that and the bottom line is that Yelp sucks!

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