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Call to Action Feature on Yelp: Now Convert Causal Visitors to Buyers

The new CALL TO ACTION feature now allows users to directly reserve a table at a restaurant, or book a ticket for a movie through the Yelp business listing page itself!

More on the Feature:
The new feature allows companies to promote a particular transaction directly from their Yelp page. The user is taken from the business’s Yelp listing page to its website directly to complete the transaction. It is of great use for;

  • Businesses that are running a discount offer. Just install the ‘Book Now’ button besides the offer details and take your customers directly to the transaction page.
  • Restaurants. Customers who’re happy with your reviews can reserve tables directly through the Yelp page.
  • Businesses running promo campaigns. For example, if you a local business running some free inspection campaign, this feature is great for you.

Call to Action works on all platforms; desktops, smartphones and tabs. As of now, Yelp is selling it through their advertising package, hence you have to pay for this feature.

Why is this Smart Move?
A one star increase in reviewer rating leads to almost 5-9% increase in revenue’- says a Harvard Study. If reviews have such a positive impact on users, why not help them make the transition (to your business) seamless?

A casual user browsing through your business listing might be tempted to read further about other businesses as well. This Call to Action button could help him resist that urge and that too without sounding desperate.  



Merely installing the Call to Action button wouldn’t help. You need to update as much information as possible. For instance, information about business hours, accepted mode of payment, offer valid date, terms and conditions, images, etc. would be helpful.

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