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Chefs Read Their Yelp Reviews; $10 Luke’s Lobster Rolls

2013_andrew_zimmerns_123.jpgVIDEO INTERLUDEAt last week’s Aspen Food Wine Classic, Eater Moving Pictures filmed a video of chefs reading real (bad) Yelp reviews of their restaurants. In the video, Andrew Zimmern (AZ Canteen, Minneapolis, MN) reads a review that says the cooks at his food truck are “encouraged to shave their balls on the prep counter.” Also in the video: John Besh, Jason Vincent, Erik Anderson, and Jonathon Sawyer. Do take a minute to watch this one. [Eater National]

SANDY RELIEF — The good people at Luke’s Lobster are going to be selling $10 rolls next Thursday through Saturday from their food truck, with all of the proceeds going to the Mayor’s Sandy relief fund (the rolls are usually $15). The Maine Lobster Council donated the lobster for the cause. On Thursday, the $10 rolls will be offered from the truck at 57th and Broadway, and the specially priced rolls will be served at the new Brooklyn Bridge Park outpost. On Friday, the truck will be at 47th and Madison, and on Saturday, it will be at Hoboken’s Pier 13. [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGE — Filipino hot spot Jeepney just opened its back garden. The large table in the back can be reserved for parties of six or more. [EaterWire]


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