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Coffee Shop’s Rude Sign Leads To A Yelp War With The Cycling Community

A coffee shop’s rude sign dissing one of the biggest bike races in the U.S. has incensed the cycling community. 

A source sent us a photo of the sign, which was posted at Joe Momma’s Coffee in Avila Beach, California ahead of the Amgen Tour Of California coming to town: 

joe momma's coffee sign

Since the sign was posted two days ago, dozens of cycling supporters have blasted the business on Yelp

“I will never step foot in that coffee shop again. To be so rude to events that bring so much to our community ($$ from extra tourism, taxes, and other fees the tour pays the county in permits)…Yes it will be insane for a day but it will bring more money to the local economy,” wrote user Anna D. on Yelp

“To post a sign like that (with horrible grammar might I add) is just bad business practice,” Anna D. added. 

It’s estimated that 2 million people watch the Tour Of California, an eight-day event that draws professional athletes from around the world.


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