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Comments: Alfie’s Inn Should Be on Yelp! Top 10 List, Flour + Wine Should Be …

In a recent Patch article listing Yelp’s rop 10 restaurants in Glen Ellyn, we got some feedback on what restaurants should be on the list and which ones should have a higher ranking. A few people agreed that Alfie’s Inn, 425 Roosevelt Rd. should be up there too.

Here’s the list on Yelp!, in case you didn’t see it:

  1. Bistro Monet
  2. Lu’s Sushi Chinese
  3. Los Burritos Tapatios
  4. Cab’s Wine Bar Bistro
  5. Ellyn’s Tap and Grill
  6. Thipi Thai
  7. Barone’s of Glen Ellyn
  8. Flour + Wine
  9. Rox Pizzeria
  10. Giordano’s

Here’s what people had to say about it:

  • Rosemary Arellano said, “Bistro Monet is excellent French dining! We go to Lu’s Sushi Chinese quite often for both lunch and dinner. Never disappointed! Ellyn’s Tap Grill’s nachos are the best! Flour + Wine’s dessert is to die for!”
  • GlenEllynGuitar said, “Flour Wine should be #1! Burritos top 3? now way! I lived in Los Angeles for 10+ years and that is just an OK burrito.”
  • Scott Tracy said, “Thipi Thai is outstanding, Flour and Wine has the best Pizza Margherita outside of Italy; I’m from the South Side of Chicago and this Giordanos is the worst one I’ve ever been too- Barones is way overrated and Rox Pizzeria is, to be charitable, mediocre – do Glen Ellyn residents not know what good pizza is ( for the record – Aurelios and Palermos is the best ) Best breakfast – Danbys—and I miss Mykhas!”
  • Bil said, “Spot on Scott. But as a recent transplant, my read is that folks here allow loyalties to forgive the sins of mediocrity, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At least they don’t vote for Olive Garden for “Best Italian” like my neighbors in Atlanta.”
  • Susan Terwedow said, “Alfie’s should be on that list! I’ve been eating there since I moved to Glen Ellyn in 1979. It just keeps getting better-adding new, yummy meals. Good for all ages! My grandchildren love it too!”
  • Karen Brown said, “Alfie’s should have made the list!”

Do you agree or disagree with the Yelp! Glen Ellyn top 10 list? Let us know in the comments section.


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