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Compare CJ, LEO and Yelp Restaurant Scores

The scores were taken from
·Garr’s HotBytes site
·Metromix’s compilation of Rosen’s best reviewed restaurants of 2011
·Yelp Louisville

Some scholarly notes:
·Rosen’s scale is 1-4 stars for the Louisville Courier-Journal; Metromix is 1-5 stars. But rather than adjust the scale or compute an equivalent score, Metromix just tags an empty blank star to the end of Rosen’s rating when posting his C-J review. Because that’s fair.
·The C-J’s firewall and inability to consistently include Rosen’s scores in the online versions of his reviews necessitated using the list of 2011 scores.
·While Garr’s scale is 1-100, you’d have to serve him a heaping pile of cow pies to get below a 75.

(Thanks to intern Casey for compiling the table.)


·All Week in Reviews [~ELOU~]
·All Yelp Coverage [~ELOU~]

[Photos: Rosen, Courtesy Facebook/Marty Rosen; Garr, CourtesyTop 100 Wines; Yelp, Courtesy Yelp]


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