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Dallas pub owner shames patron on Yelp

– 5 days ago @ When the four-star British-style Texas pub Ten Bells Tavern suddenly received a strikingly nasty one-star review on Yelp, owner Meri Dahlke thought something didn’t quite smell right. “I…really wanted to like this place,” wrote Yelp user Mark G. “But …

– 4 days ago @ OAK CLIFF — When Ten Bells Tavern in Oak Cliff received a one-star review from a Yelper alleging the bar and restaurant “smells” and “some of the staff look cracked out,” the owners fired back a response that likely won’t seeYelper “Mark G.” back in …

– 1 day ago @ Put this in the category of “things that may seem harmless, but are actually illegal.” We have talked in the past about the growing influence of Yelp and similar sites—as well as their pitfalls. Chief among the latter is that you can never quite be …


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