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Did a Murderer Just Give Himself Away on Yelp?

Image via Yelp

On May 3rd, a 36-year-old Iraq war veteran and college student named Maribel Ramos (pictured above right) was reported missing by her family, after failing to turn up to several events in Santa Ana, California. 

A couple of days later, a friend of Maribel’s named Emily C started a Yelp thread called “My friend Maribel Ramos is missing!!” in an effort to track her down. 

Somebody posted asking if Maribel’s roommate had been questioned by police yet. 

This is where the roommate, KC Joy (who is pictured at the very top of this post with Maribel), joined the conversation. Posting that Maribel was his BFF, and giving details of the police’s search of the apartment they shared. 

Then a user called Grant K joined the thread, pointing out that it was suuuuuuuuuper suspicious that KC was referring to Maribel in the past tense. 

Some other users weren’t too happy with what Grant was implying, and told him off.

And KC returned to explain that he wasn’t intentionally referring to Maribel in the past tense, but was actually having trouble with his English, as he is originally from China. 

The next day, KC returned to the thread, and said some weird, kinda suspicious stuff.

Like, really, really weird and really, really kinda suspicious stuff.

Then a user named Daniel J came along and offered KC the (very solid) advice of shutting up.

KC thanked him. This was KC’s final post in the thread. 

On May 17th, exactly 2 weeks after Maribel went missing, Emily C returned to break the news that a body had been found.

The body was found in a canyon after people living nearby reported a foul smell in the area.

Later that day, another user confirmed that the body had been positively identified as Maribel. Her missing persons case was reclassified as a homicide. 

After voluntarily accompanying police officers to the Orange Police Department, KC was arrested and charged with Maribel’s murder

Which meant Grant K was (allegedly) right all along. KC could have accidentally let slip that he knew more than he was letting on. 

Kinda like when Reddit tried to track down the Boston bombers, except he was actually right with his accusations, and didn’t ruin any people’s lives

Unwilling to enjoy this victory in silence, Grant returned to the thread to remind everyone of his prediction and gloat. Douchebag. 



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