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Digital Clinic adds Yelp! user reviews to digital signage

Health-care professionals can now share user reviews on their office digital signage, thanks to a new arrangement between Digital Clinic and Yelp!

Digital Clinic, a provider of dental marketing solutions and social media-enabled digital signage, now supports integration with Yelp!, the free website that helps people discover local restaurants, retailers, services and more, and then write their own reviews.

Because digital signage engages and commands the attention of waiting patients, displaying those reviews onscreen will help health-care practices establish a knowledgeable, expert reputation that builds confidence in customers, Digital Clinic said in a news release.

“Reviews can be an untapped goldmine of influential content, and it is no secret that reviews can help drive sales,” said Myles Mjolsnes, director of marketing for Digital Clinic. “Because our client’s customers may not be actively reading reviews online, we wanted to help them showcase this valuable content in their office. From our experience with clients leveraging Yelp!, displaying these reviews also encourages customers to write their own testimonials, creating more and more influential content.”

Digital Clinic’s digital signage system also supports integration with Demandforce, Facebook and Twitter, according to the release. The company serves health care practitioners with strategic digital signage systems across North America.

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