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Do you scream for ice cream… sodas?

CINCINNATI – Today is National Ice Cream Soda Day and we have compiled a list of the Top 9 ice cream shops in the Tri-State.

An ice cream soda, also called a float, is born when one of your favorite soda’s marries a favorite ice cream in holy matrimony.

The ice cream soda was invented by Robert McCay Green in Philadelphia, Penn. in 1874. In a 1910 edition of Soda Fountain magazine , Green said he experimented with the bubbly treat to compete with the owner of a popular soda fountain.

The concoction was a hit and today float junkies can still order up the treat.

Here’s a list from of the Top 9 Ice Cream Shops in the Area:

  1. Graeter’s Confectionary
  2. Aglamesis Bro’s
  3. Hello Honey
  4. Putz’s Creamy Whip
  5. United Dairy Farmers
  6. The Rockwood Ice Cream Parlor
  7. Schneider’s Sweet Shop
  8. Baskin Robins
  9. Cold Stone Creamery

Where is your favorite place around the Tri-State for an ice cream soda? Tell us in the comment box below.

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