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Domino’s Tracker adds Yelp customer feedback feature

Domino’s Pizza has updated its Domino’s Tracker with a new experience exclusive to customers who order the chain’s new Handmade Pan Pizza.

Domino’s Tracker, which made its debut in 2008, already features a variety of themes —  from hair metal music to baseball — that accompany customers as they track their orders.

Starting this week, customers who order a Handmade Pan Pizza will get to experience a new theme, following along with their order’s progress while “D.J. Slow Pans” introduces slow jam music and narrates a pair of videos showing why the new offering needs extra time to cook.

This is the first time Domino’s Tracker has featured video embedded in the tracker.

“We recently showed pizza lovers why, for the first time in our history, we were saying ‘slow down’ when it comes to our Handmade Pan Pizza,” said Chris Brandon, Domino’s Pizza spokesperson. “This new Domino’s Tracker theme illustrates the process in a fun way that we think our customers will really dig.”

With the new feature, the “Prep” and “Bake” stages have been renamed to “Slower Prep” and “Slower Bake.” A Facebook sharing feature will also allow customers’ Facebook friends to visit to order a Handmade Pan Pizza right from their status update.

Domino’s Tracker, which already allowed customers to leave feedback for their store during the process, will also now feature a Yelp button directly on the Domino’s Tracker page to encourage guest feedback.

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