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Eat24 Catapults through Partnership with Yelp

east24Eat24 drew at least 1,000 more restaurants into its tent when news recently broke of a new undertaking by Yelp, in which the food-delivery service will take orders through the popular directory/review site.

Based in San Bruno, Calif., Eat24 (aka Eat24Hours) has gained more than 25,000 partners in the restaurant sector. The Yelp deal has attracted many additional restaurants that had long been skeptical towards the five-year-old delivery service. Funny enough, some of these new partners are based in the stomping grounds of Eat24’s arch rival: GrubHub.

Spurred by Yelp’s market clout, analysts foresee an ever-rising profile for Eat24, as well as fellow partner As stated by Eat24 co-founder Nadav Sharon, “[our] integration with Yelp sends a huge increase in orders to our restaurant partners, [which in turn] helps them grow their online presence and reach new customers.”

Others question Yelp’s motives, suggesting that its real intent could be to co-opt Eat 24’s resources and launch an internalized, Yelp-brand delivery service down the line. In any case, the delivery of groceries and restaurant takeout is gaining swift traction amongst cross-sections of residents in America’s biggest and most congested cities.


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