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Evanston’s Most Beloved Businesses (On Yelp): Do You Agree?

Online business directory websites like and Patch’s own catalogue derive their utility and popularity not from simply listing and classifying shops and restaurants, but from democratizing the process of how these places are rated and ranked.

In late March, Evanston Patch took a quick peek at how Evanston restaurant’s had been graded on the website. Here is a longer look at which other local businesses have fared best.

Most reviewed business: Joy Yee’s Noodle Kitchen, 521 Davis St.

As of May 19, Joy Yee’s Noodle Kitchen had 363 reviews, making it the most reviewed of any Evanston listing on Yelp. The restaurant, which serves Pan-Asian cuisine, first opened in Evanston in 1993 and also has four locations in Chicago and one in Naperville. The eatery is a favorite among Northwestern University students, who likely helped it beat out Buffalo Joe’s, which trailed Joy Yee’s by only 27 reviews.                                                                                                                                

Highest rated: Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry, 1224 Chicago Ave.

Yelp has not revealed the precise algorithm the website uses to calculate its “highest rated” sorting (it is not based solely on average rating), but custom jeweler Christopher Duquet Fine Jewelry tops Evanston’s list. The company’s website has an online diamond finder, which searches available stones by shape, color, clarity, size, cut grade, symmetry, polish, price and more. In addition to selling engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and watches, the store has a jewelry repair service.

Most reviews with nothing less than five stars: Bucephalus Bikes, 1424 Lake St.

Through 27 reviews, Bucephalus Bikes has remained nothing less than perfect, giving it Evanston’s longest streak – Yelp’s version of batting 1.000 or pitching a perfect game. The local bike shop specializes in selling reconditioned bicycles, but also sells new bikes and performs repairs. On its website, the company writes about how it named the shop after Alexander the Great’s horse, which it mentions was known to be exceptionally loyal. Bucephalus aims to build bikes as reliable, and customers seem to have taken note.

Top rated bar: Ward Eight, 629 Howard St.

Ward Eight has been open for less than a year, but it seems to have already made its mark on Evanstonians. Since opening in December, the wine and cocktail bar was nominated as one of the best in Chicagoland in Time Out Chicago’s 2013 Eat Out Awards, had its co-owner named as one of the “30 Under 30” culinary rising stars in Chicago by Zagat Guide and, now, has topped Yelp as Evanston’s top rated bar.

Top breakfast spot: Delbe’s Corner

After opening its doors a little more than a year ago, Delbe’s Corner worked its way into the morning routine of many locals, as evidenced by its top rating on Yelp among Evanston breakfast spots. The eatery specializes in bagel and bialy sandwiches, and though a handful include breakfast staples, such as eggs, sausage and cream cheese, others seem more like deli creations between something other than bread.

Top rated “$$$$” business: Feast Imbibe, 1307 Chicago Ave.

Yelp’s “$$$$” search category is for those who don’t mind shelling out extra dough when visiting a store or eating out for a meal. So it seems fitting that Evanston’s Feast Imbibe – an eatery one reviewer said served “foie gras ice cream” – would take the top rated spot in this category. The “pop up eatery” is not a traditional restaurant where diners can simply drop in. Instead, people buy tickets ahead of time for multi-course meals paired with cocktails. The next pop up is scheduled for June 14–16.


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