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Evanston’s Trader Joe Not Even Open, Already Has Yelp Review

Evanston’s first Trader Joe’s store is set to open this October. I’ve grown up with Trader Joe’s in every corner of my hometown and I promise it is a perfect, adorable place to buy healthy groceries. I can’t wait for Trader Joe’s! – the friendly, people-loving version of Whole Foods,” Yelp user Mercy M. wrote on the website.

The store had a projected opening date for October of this year, but the 13,000 square foot Trader Joe’s is set to open in mid-August or early September with an 81-space parking lot beside it.

Currently, Terraco Inc. is constructing the façade of the building, which will be made of slate and composite wood material. The exterior should be finished in the next seven to 10 days, according to Scott Gendell, president of Terraco, Inc., developer of the site.

Are you a fan of Trader Joes? Tell us what are your favorite products at the grocery store?

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