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Exposing Filtered Reviews on Yelp

Want to get your Yelp visitors to see all your reviews? Inspire them to go look at your filtered reviews by putting this graphic up on your business page!

You want to put this on your Yelp Business Page?  Simply right-click on the photo, then click save-as, and select where you want to save it on your hard drive.  It’s that easy! With my compliments!

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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. MM

    where is that standard graphic? can you point me to it? thanks!

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      I had to take it down. But it did afford me the pleasure speaking with Yelp's attorney for a few hours. He's awesome. And we made some big headway. 🙂

  2. MM

    Do you have a graphic that shows how to post the graphic on your photos on your website? I'm not understanding clearly what you mean there. Thanks!

  3. Shadi

    Have you seen the pictures on Yelp's listing on Yelp? Just saw a few, pictures of employees you can tell they were hand picked, I don't think normal good people would want to work for Yelp! There is one picture of this "Yelps Rules" wrote in the sands! This alone shows the mind set of these inhuman people! They believe they have they are ruling our lives! They are aware of destroying lives and they are proud of it! Hoe creepy is that!

    People in over seas pull down dictators by putting their lives on the line, why can't we have a organized demonstration to bring light and attention to this?

  4. Jessica

    yes… i find yelp to be cyber mafia… and they call me to encourage me to better my profile by advertising with yelp…. I would love to have a lawsuit against them…… join me…. they are evil wicked demons.

  5. Igal

    Yelp block me completely from changing any information , I can't add or change anything…

    Can they do it legally?

  6. Tom

    Thanks for creating this graphic!!!!!!!!

    Let's see if they leave it up.

  7. Bob

    Yelp would not talk to me about a lie/scam review., just said "oh well, guess you should try harder". Which then Yelp responded my taking my rebuttal off. I posted the graphic about filtered reviews.

    Now I have no reviews, bet they come back by morning in retaliation for this post.

  8. Mary-Jo

    We are a small business int the town of Starbuck, WA, population 120. Our primary demographic view is that of passerby's, tourist, fisherman and campers. When I heard of Yelp I was thrilled to see my business was being rated so well, and then it happened "THE FILTER"… At first I could understand them not wanting to post bias reviews, but mine were all legit. I sent them an email about my concerns and I never heard back… Their incredibly, ridiculous, filtering system hid all of my good reviews save but one… A disgruntled Ex-Employee posting under an alias. I am infuriated with their uncouth business practices. They have hurt my business, steered away potential customers and have undermined our ability to grow. We have only been open for a year and a half; new customers are a must in order for us to survive this coming winter. Yelp is a bull$&*t company and should be banned from the internet. They are no-less then an unreliable source for information.

  9. Mike

    Yelp is a big scam that at some point I wish will be brought down by a huge glass action law suit.

    It's so called "algorithm" which supposed to be in charge of which reviews will be published and not is corrupt and full of bugs.

    Every time I complained to Yelp about its filter in a harsh email someone from Yelp called me within hours offering a marketing campaign. It's very suspicious. Yelp will never confirm the relation between the two events.

  10. Phil

    I am not a business owner, just a consumer. I was posting comments on Yelp about my experience at restaurants, shops and retail stores. Some were favorable and others less so but always my true experience. When I noticed that some remained posted and others were filtered, I contacted one of the businesses. All of you business owners on this site are correct, good ones stay if you pay.

    I naively thought my experience might be helpful to others, but now I know that Iwas just being used by Yelp to extort money.

    What has this country come too. I hope that I will be able to delete all of my posts and I will certainly never add another one

  11. AMS

    Thanks for the tip

    I added the graphic to my Yelp page, but it is tiny.

    Not sure if I want to compromise my logo size on the first photo.

    I have 7 positive reviews that are filtered out.

    Any suggestions on how to get the size of this image larger on the yelp page?



  12. jennifer

    Postscript to my previous post. They filtered out all the good reviews and put the link to filtered reviews at the bottom of the page in grey where you can hardy see it.and you have to pass their screen shot test to read those.

    more work for seniors like me.So unfair

  13. jennifer

    I cannot agree more with all the victimized folks here. I was looking at the reviews of a small vet clinic that I took my dog to recently in el sobrante. Boy oh boy, yelp made him look so bad. I have been there personally

    and the reviews were just venom spewed, probably some disgruntled employee. I would have never gone there if I had read the review. This is not fair. I am never going to believe yelp again.

  14. Jennifer Byrd

    We have recently been ambushed by Yelp's arbitrary "Big Brother" filter. We had 1 star since 2009 from someone who was unhappy with a quote (never mind her lack of truthful details in her review.) Because Yelp's glowing 1-star review comes up as the 2nd listing on the SERP when researching our business name we have finally been giving this attention. We are small, but a 5-star company on several sites and A+ on the BBB so obviously YELP is inconsistent though, unfortunately, the most "authoritative" because of the Google SERP. It's been hurting our business. Recently we've had several 5-star reviews come in and another 1-star (problem fixed and he's supposed to remove it.) Yelp filtered out 2 of the great reviews and 1 "disappeared". After emailing Yelp they put my reviews back up. Another 5 star review came in this past Friday (a glowing review) and was filtered out by Sunday along with one of the other reviews that was "unfiltered" last week. Our star average has been 1-star, 2 1/2 stars, 3 1/2 stars, 4 stars, 2 1/2 stars, 3 1/2 stars, 2 1/2 stars over a period of 2 1/2 weeks. This is ridiculous. I'm irritated that they can't trust consumers to be intelligent enough and I would be content in ignoring them if their star rating wasn't showing under our name when someone googles us. This is unfair and absolutely not consistent with our reputation and what reviews on other sites show. It has hurt our business greatly with attracting new customers. Our current success is mostly attibutable to our repeat customers and word of mouth. I am now forced to invest money in a reputation managment company ONLY because of Yelp's arbitrary filtering and no other reason. I am terribly disappointed that our judicial system supported Yelp in the Class Action Law Suit.

  15. SS

    Yelp have filtered ALL my positive reviews and only left the ONE NEGATIVE one.

    A positive one poped up there last week and this week it is suddenly gone, transferred into the FILTERED review.

    So I have 6 POSITIVE and 2 negative.

    I posted a reply to the one negative so the text of the reply is right above the (7 Filtered) text and my text reads:

    Click on the (7 Filtered) link below to see ALL the reviews….

  16. Lisa

    Ashley you are a genius! I love that you made a standard graphic that we can all use. I hope your graphic gets as famous as the hideous yelp logo. lol. you rock!!!!

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      Well it may change a bit! I have to compliment you on the idea! Sheer genius on your part! I've been trading emails with Yelp's Senior Litigation Counsel, a lovely gentleman who keeps asking me to take it down. I've already altered it to remove their logo. We'll see how they respond to my direct question to precisely what they want changed.

      1. Fritz Barnes

        I know these sites don't like anyone using their trademarks, but the concept of using this graphic shouldn't really be a problem for them. They do have a link to those reviews–to their credit, I grudgingly suppose. Thanks for the idea…not sure how I will implement it…have a great day. 🙂

  17. Pete R

    I added 2 photos, checked the box for storefront. The pictures are about 5×5 pics. You have to click on them to enlarge but they are so small as not to be seen. Anyway to enlarge them?

  18. Hassan Ben Sober

    Ambrose – you don't put that graphic on your business listing at Yelp — you post it on your OWN persona website!

    It serves to instruct people to click on ## Filtered once they are ON Yelp in order to see all the reviews.

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      Oh yes, DO put that graphic in your photos on your Yelp review so that random visitors will also know to find out more about you there!

  19. Ambrose

    I've posted it on Yelp, but you can't see the graphic well unless you click on it to enlarge it. So, I also added some text in the About This Business section:

    Please note that Yelp filters out real reviews. We've had positive reviews by real clients that have been filtered. You can view these reviews by looking for the link to filtered reviews below the bottom review and just above the About This Business heading.

  20. Will Leung

    That will really help my small business! I got hide about 10 5 star reviews!

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