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Fixing Florida’s Sinkholes, Hiring an Undocumented Programmer, Phony Yelp …

What do you do when pavement in front of your house sinks into the ground? Call a sinkhole remediation expert such as LRE Ground Services Repair, writes Daniel Gross. [Daily Beast]

Jose Pagliery describes Poptip founder Kelsey Falter’s 15-month effort to hire an undocumented immigrant as a programmer. [CNN Money]

California legislators tabled a bill the would govern the ways franchisers and franchisees negotiate. Don Sniegowski reports that the bill faced opposition from big franchisers. [Blue MauMau]

Yelp (YELP) faces an uphill task as its attempts to rid itself of phony reviews, writes Joshua Brustein. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Grouper Chief Executive Michael Waxman tells Kate Rogers about his company’s group dating service (video). [Fox Business]

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