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Free Marketing Ideas Part 5 – Add Your Business to Yelp

– 1 day ago @ Yelp has announced an update to their Android app, bringing the functionality of publishing reviews from your mobile device to your mobile device. Noting that “the stars have aligned” for this update, and acknowledging it’s long past due, the Yelp team …

– 4 days ago @ And with the new Yelp integration, the Hootlet extension shows you tweets that either mention that business, or, like the Google Maps feature, were published from near that company’s address. Clearly, this is useful for not just monitoring your own …

– 1 week ago @ Yelp (NYSE:YELP): Wunderlich raised its price target for Yelp shares to $82 from $53, saying that the company’s new products make it better positioned to capture marketing funds from local businesses. Wunderlich added that its survey of 50 businesses …

– 4 days ago @ One of the keys to improving your restaurant’s online reputation centers around your engagement. On Yelp, restaurateurs can connect with reviewers, optimize their business listing and attract new customers by utilizing the free tools available in their …


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