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Good Review on Yelp? Order Lunch While You’re Still on the Page

You’re at the office and you’re hungry but you’re tired of the same old places. You go on Yelp to look for a new place to eat. (Not where I’d go, but apparently it’s where some people go.) You find Harry’s Italian Pizza Bar and wow, they have terrific reviews. Gotta try it – now here’s the make it or break it moment – you place your lunch order right there on the page so it’s ready when you arrive to pick it up.

Without that order system, you might head out thinking you’re going to go to Harry’s but end up at the Greek place that’s two blocks closer. Bad news for Harry.

yelp ordering system

 Yelp calls this new system the “Yelp Platform” and I have no idea why. Right now it only works for a select number of restaurants who are connected to and Eat24. Working in conjunction with these services, Yelpers can order food for delivery or pick-up.

In the future, Yelp says they’ll extend this feature to include service appointments with places such as salons, dentist offices, yoga studios, etc. Again, the platform will only work if you’re already connected to another booking system such as Booker, Demandforce or Mindbody. For business owners, this means they can keep running all of their online appointments through the same system, they’ll just have more access points. That’s a good thing.

The new ordering system is available through the web and it’s part of the Yelp app update. They also just did a major update on their Windows 8 app so there’s no excuse for not having Yelp on your phone.

If you have time to kill, check out the Yelp Worldmap. It’s a heat map that highlights high concentrations of keywords such as cocktails, hipster, bacon (?) and hangover (??).  For hangovers in Orange County, looks like Newport Beach is the place to be. Ah, Southern California. There’s something for everyone.

hangover newport


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