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Google’s Penguin 2.0, Payday Loan and Panda Dance Review

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san diego, ca (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

SEOhaus, a leading search engine optimization firm in San Diego, California, has provided some explanation and information regarding Google’s latest major updates to its algorithms: Penguin 2.0, followed by the Payday Loan update and Panda Dance. Presented in the team’s latest blog entry, the crew discussed their latest research and offer top industry advice to help local businesses get ahead.

While the team noticed that currently, top rankings for 20 major websites included Google local listings, the results were also dominated by major local directory sites such as,, and others.

James Harrison, SEO manager at SEOhaus explains, “These results validate that Google is now giving more weight to authority sites.” He continues, “Small businesses can still obtain organic listings among the national authority sites, however those businesses have to obtain links from industry-specific sites and be an authority or an award-winning business in their niche.”

In the wake of many small and local businesses having been hit once again by the recent Google updates, in his blog Harrison offers professional advice and tips to help these businesses not only recover from the updates, but also to “future proof” their SEO efforts. Discussing topics such as optimizing the G+ Business page, improving how much “dancing” a website does, and avoiding exact match anchor text linking rounds out this latest blog post presented by SEOhaus.

To read up on the blog regarding local SEO after the Penguin 2.0, Payday Loan and Panda Dance updates, along with additional blog posts by SEOhaus, visit

SEOhaus is a leading online marketing agency based in California. With over 600 clients in their roster, they have been leading the way for 12 years, with clients such as Hilton Hotels, Toyota and Paramount Pictures. You can contact SEOhaus at 1-800-605-8913.

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