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How do I delete a yahoo local listing?

I would like to delete my local listing as it is incorrect and it will not let me change the url. Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. melihoe


    Once you get into your Yahoo account for our local listing at:

    …there is a "cancel" link in your active listings and you can follow the procedures from there. You can also look at Yahoo's help section at the below link:

    What I'm not clear about is why you are canceling your Yahoo listing? Reason I'm asking is that Yahoo gets it's local listing data from a larger wholesale company called Targus Info and Targus Info has a data service company by the name of Localeze that manages changes to local listing data.

    Between the two of them your business listing is not only at Yahoo, but at hundreds of other websites. Additionally, there are other address data service providers in this industry and would include everything from Google, Bing, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Citysearch,, InfoUSA, DexKnows and many many others. Deleting from Yahoo doesn't necessarily mean that your listing will be removed from all these other websites.

    Hope the above information helps.

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