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How’s That ‘Yelp’ For Entrepreneurs Doing?

This is a follow-up to an earlier article entitled We Need A Yelp For Entrepreneurs .

In the four months since its debut, has made some impressive progress. While I am not affiliated with this venture in any formal way (I am not a founder, owner or board member), I have signed up as an Advisor and have actually been approached by a couple of entrepreneurs seeking my advice. The experience of helping other entrepreneurs with their startups has been gratifying, and I hope to continue giving back in this way. MeetAdvisors is a great forum for this activity—whether one is giving or getting advice.

As an update to my previous article, I wanted to share a few facts about MeetAdvisors’ progress as of this writing:

  • Number of Advisors: 332
  • Number of Entrepreneurs: 1,125
  • What Entrepreneurs are getting from the site: Free advice that helps them avoid the risk of failure
  • What Advisors like about the site: They can help others while increasing their own status and visibility
  • New offering: A private advisory site that allows any organization to set up its own internal platform  for advice and mentoring (like the main site, it’s free)

Advisor Highlight

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur wanting to offer your wisdom to others, or working on your first startup and in need of advice—here is an example of the type of people who are using

Andy Crestodina is an Advisor with a lot to offer in the area of web design. As a part of his MeetAdvisor presence he has written a compelling article on common email marketing mistakes. Learn more about Andy’s company, orbitmedia, and consider whether he could be an Advisor for your startup.

You’ll find more like Andy at

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