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Ice Cream With Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman

Now, if you are looking for the best coffee or tea in your neighborhood, asked yelp!

The online review site that is driven by power of community.

Here he is with sam robards, our third of ice-cream chats.

So many choices.

I am partial to chocolate.

Cinko cup.

Thank you.

You can get a way of serving any kind of urban flavor product.

There may be a loophole there.

For starters, going back a little bit to the origins, you did not — it did not really work at first.

Can you tell me about what happened there and how you figured out the way for work?

To come they had an idea come inevitably it changed.

That was definitely the case.

And we wanted to create the word of mouth and bring it on-line.

The question of the time, how do you capture the word of mouth?

What is the mechanism?

People will not just write reviews for fun.

That is a terrible idea.

We build aside about asking friends for recommendations.

Buried in their very deeply was a way to write your own review.

After lunch we started looking at the data.

Nothing is working and pretty miserable.

One thing rissole is certain people would discover the feature and go crazy.

That was a bit of o an ah-ha moment.

I sat down and started reading reviews, and that is where the light bulb went off for me personally.

I am opinionated.

I like to write reviews.

This is fun and satisfying.

From that point we decided it would be a place to share recommendations.

The idea that people can review local businesses were not unheard of.

Yelp has become the dominant player in the space.

Why do you think it was so successful where other pre- existing players may be altered and went by the wayside?

Take up a thing we uncovered with the power of the community, and the passion of the consumers that wanted to share the information, we were able to create the quality of debt and content.

We attracted people who loved to write.

People were competing each other with quality of reviews.

People were really getting creative with it.

That showed we were attracted the right type of people.

I have to ask you, sort of lightning ground.

Is there a favorite fancy restaurant?


I am done.

I think we can do the rest of this off-camera.

Thank you very much.

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