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In Praise of Ditching Yelp and Google While Traveling

This happens a lot on our vacations: “Hey, let’s go there,” says she, with no guidebook, no Yelp, no Google Maps. No, say I—we should follow the schedule, consult a book, go online, anything to ensure that I don’t have an unexpected experience. I want to know what I’m getting myself into. Isn’t that what makes travel in the Facebook age so great? To fly thousands of miles on a plane only to stay in the curated bubble of your social graph? The wisdom of my crowd can guarantee a good experience. Sure, I don’t know the folks who post reviews on Yelp or even those who pen the Frommer’s guides. But I have trusted those sources because, over time, I have recognized they like the same things I like. I don’t log on to the travel site, because I don’t smoke. I don’t buy any of the “Haunted Travels of the …” books because I don’t like haunted anything, anywhere. I’ve self-selected my guides to make sure they will bring me the familiar, free of surprises, free of mystery, free of accidents.


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