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Interviewing Lawyers Familiar with Yelp

McMillan Law Group defeats Yelp, Inc.

by JULIAN on MAY 9, 2013

In a recent small claims court case in San Diego, CA, the McMillan Law Group (MLG) achieved a monumental victory against Yelp, Inc. MLG had been coerced into entering into an advertising contract with the internet giant who promised results. The judge in the case agreed that (a) the contract was void due to fraud in the inducement, and duress, (b) that Yelp had failed to provide any of the promisedservices, and (c)that the contract itself was a contract of adhesion.

This is a massive victory for every small business in the country currently advertising with Yelp, Inc. We can help you get your hard earned money back. At present, we are asking anyone who was threatened by Yelp to contact the firm. If Yelp contacted you and similarly tried to coerce you or did coerce you into an advertising contract with the Company, please contact McMillan Law Group.

The judge stated, “this is like the mafia going door to door extorting protection money from small businesses.”

Call 858 375 1718 now to discuss your case or please fill in the Yelp Contact form to get our advice.

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  1. criminallawyerschd

    This is a massive victory for every small business in the country currently advertising with Yelp.

  2. John D.

    by eradicating so many of our 5 star reviews ( ALL LEGIT) makes a negative review much more credible. I am a leader in my industry who has served thousands of happy clients. I feel mistreated and abused. Needless to say I am frustrated by yelp. BTW, I did advertise with them. It did not help at all.
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  3. frank b

    If a mass murderer wrote a bad review on Yelp about about a gun shop who refused to sell him ammo Yelp probably would never take down the review because it was a real shopper who had a bad shopping experience at the store.

  4. Dennis

    Everyone like me who is being trashed by yelp one put out a you tube video and compile a list of all the news stories about Yelp's practices. They are plentiful. Forbes, NY Times Wash post. NBC CBS ABC CNN FOX.

    Everyone post that list on their own Web Site so that eventually almost any site you go to has the truth about Yelp.
    In addition lobby 60 Min. to do a story on them. If they do Yelp is dead. The stock will crash. Best way to get them is in the Market. Trash the stock and it is death to yelp. They will have to sell out cheap to some one with Ethics or close their doors.

  5. Javier

    I don't think it's fair to just dismiss the whole Yelp community based on some negative experiences. There are going to be bad apples anywhere you go on the internet, Yelp is not the only place that reviews places. Some of us are passionate about helping small business get recognized and it's based on the customer experience and the product you are marketing. We don't get paid to say these things, we take time out of busy lives to help others and many of us enjoy it. I hope I have not bored you too much. Some of my reviews are this long but details are important especially when it's all positive.
    – Orlando Yelper –

  6. Javier

    I have read Yelp reviews and in some cases it has influenced my decision to a certain extent. I have attended many Yelp Events and have met people as passionate as I am about writing quality reviews. I don't have hundreds or thousands of friends, I have under a 100 because I look for people like myself to associate with. If I see that my Yelp friends have been somewhere and most of them have had a negative experience, I may choose to skip that place because I trust their judgment. Other times, I will take the chance in hopes that they have changed their ways. I also check other sites besides Yelp and if they are all pointing to the same negative issues, it's a pretty good sign that perhaps something is not working properly.

  7. Javier

    Yelp does expose a lot of businesses that are scamming consumers outright. Places like car rental companies that are charging for things that perhaps someone didn't think about asking or accepted because they were not informed, saves the consumers a lot of money and frustration. In places where they expect the consumer to sign a contract, reviews may allow people to address some issues that perhaps were not discussed and it allows future customers to ask questions before signing that contract. Owners needs to be aware if their employees are not performing at their best or representing their products the way their supposed to. If I encounter a rude server, I ask to speak to a manager. If the manager never shows, I can say at least I tried to rectify the situation with no success. At that point, I have the choice to post it and most times I do. I don't do it maliciously, I do it to inform others as well as management to what happened in my particular case. Take it as you want and make an informed decision on your own. I have also written emails and/or letters to corporate informing them of my experience in hopes something will change in order to benefit everyone who visits their establishment.

  8. Javier

    I agree that there are fake reviewers out there but it's very obvious who they are. The ones that have no friends, no pictures and one review are obviously either fake or just people looking to lash out at a business. I agree those people should be filtered and banned. Those of us who are dedicated to writing reviews with actual substance and quality, feel that those types of reviews, give all of us a bad name. I have flagged hundreds of reviews and forwarded them to Yelp and sometimes it gets removed and sometimes it doesn't. There are also people who use Yelp to voice their agendas and I am very opposed to that because it's based on actual experience not personal views. SeaWorld is a perfect example of that with the recent Killer Whale controversy. People are writing reviews based on their opinion of the treatment of whales and not based on their visit to the park which contradicts Yelp's policy. I have flagged tons of those and some get removed and some don't. I agree that's not fair to any business, whether it's a corporate monstrosity or a small business.

  9. Javier

    If I encounter a positive or negative experience, I have the right to post my experience. Owner's of businesses have reached out to me when I have posted a negative experience and they have apologized for what has happened and in those instances I have updated my review accordingly. They have offered me free dinners and free drinks and I have never chosen to accept it because I don't do it for that specific reason. I enjoy writing reviews and I am not looking for perks as a result of my positive/negative reviews. If I receive something, I expect to pay for it even if it's something that has let me down. I have encountered top notch service where I was floored by how genuine people have been and those are the reviews I love to write. I recognize individuals in many of my reviews. Yelp doesn't allow you to distinguish between service and food because the stars are based on everything. That's one of the aspects I would change in order to be fair to everyone.

  10. Javier

    Here in Florida, we experience horrible customer service on a daily basis because of poor management, poor training of employees, incompetence or just plain lack of professionalism by the employee. If I am spending my hard earned money on a business, I expect to be treated with some level of respect and I expect a decent level of customer service. If it's a restaurant, I expect decent food, not raw or overcooked food. If it's a high end restaurant with ridiculous prices, my expectations will be higher because I am spending a larger sum of money for food that is priced to impress.

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