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Jersey City woman writes hundreds of reviews for Yelp – The Jersey Journal

I found this little revealing article, showcasing that the Community Managers write hundreds of articles to jump start Yelp in a new town. 


Helping the idea of “Word of Mouth” make the jump into the digital age, Jersey City resident Stephanie Yolish, 30, has taken to the Internet, writing hundreds of reviews on businesses not far from her own backyard for Yelp, an online community.

“Yelp is word-of-mouth magnified,” she explained of the site, which features a collection of business reviews from local users in different areas throughout the world. “It promotes what all of our local businesses are doing.”

The site also lists local events, and business spotlights, according to Yolish. Yolish, who serves as New Jersey Community Manager for Yelp, says her passion for promoting truthful local reviews started out of necessity, when she moved to Downtown Jersey City with her fiance four years ago.

“There wasn’t really a great resource at the time to find local bars and restaurants,” she explained. “And then, one of my friends told me about Yelp.”

Users on the site can use key words and locations to search for a variety of businesses and institutions, including restaurants, bars, hair salons, universities, doctors, and even prisons, according to Yolish. She added that users also rate their experience there, using a number of stars.

“We work hard for our money,” she remarked. “Why not make an informed decision on how we spend it?”

The site is free to search, and free to sign up and post reviews on, Yolish added.

In addition, Yolish explained that her work as New Jersey community manager also includes putting out a weekly newsletter, and putting on local marketing events.

The next event will take place on Saturday, June 1, with, “Passport to Paulus Hook,” a week-long promotional event to encourage people from all over to visit and shop Paulus Hook. The event will also raise money for the Historic Paulus Hook Association, Yolish explained.

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