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JP Restaurants on Yelp: Who Got Snubbed?

Citizens of Jamaica Plain pride themselves on the abundant and diverse eateries and drinkeries in the area. Put them on a list of Yelp bests, and the residents provide several talking points.

Last week, Jamaica Plain Patch published an article pointing out Jamaica Plain restaurants that were ranked in the top 10 on Yelp. The community responded with opinions and lists of their very own.

Kathy G said: Ya gotta be kidding. JP Seafood, Wonder Spice, Purple Cactus top several of those for quality, freshness and taste.

Terry Mason said: …But JP is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to restaurants and bakeries…

Several gave shoutouts to Galway House:

Yogasong said: Galway House. Enough said.

MMRosenthal said: …The Galway is the only place in JP where you can find a decent homestyle meal…

Do you agree with the list? What restaurants got snubbed? Leave your opinion in the comments. 


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