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LA Bans Plastic Bags, a Failing Startup Blogs, Chefs Read Yelp Reviews: June 26

The Los Angeles city council voted to outlaw plastic bags, James Nash reports. Stores that make more than $2 million annually have until Jan. 1 to phase out plastic; smaller stores will get another six months. [Bloomberg News]

“This week, I need to speak to the other founder and fire our first employee before he leaves on a planned vacation,” writes an anonymous entrepreneur. [My Startup Has 30 Days to Live]

Bouqs Co. raised $1.1 million in seed funding to disrupt the floristry business, writes Lora Kolodny. The company’s plan is to ship flowers directly from farms to homes. [Wall Street Journal]

A group lobbying for Australian small businesses says government red tape and an overly complex tax system are among the biggest problems facing business owners. [Western Advocate]

Eater asked chefs at the Aspen Food Wine Classic to read their negative Yelp (YELP) reviews (video). [Eater]

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