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Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman ignored advice from Elon Musk and Peter Thiel and succeeded anyway
CNN  – 9 hours
Read full story for latest details.

HBS Professors Investigate Faked Positive Yelp Reviews
The Harvard Crimson  – 15 hours
Regular Yelp users may want to exercise caution next time they make a restaurant choice based on a handful of online reviews.

What APIs Are And Why They’re Important
ReadWriteWeb  – 7 hours
It’s getting harder to turn around in tech without bumping into some reference to APIs, or application programming interfaces . Here at …

Management Tips From a Failed Business
FOX Business Small Business Center  – 4 hours
Sadly, like my now closed favorite bakery, small business owners too often believe that having the best product is all they need to grow …

The Future of Local Search: 5 Layers of Local
Search Engine Watch  – 52 minutes
Local search is broken. To improve your local search strategy for both now and the future, you need to understand the growing importance of …


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