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Los Angeles: Goat-Stew City, U.S.A.

– 1 week ago @ Craig Martin, owner of Cafe 50’s in West Los Angeles, says some consumers are using Yelp as a weapon. He and other business owners are not exactly happy with the way the social media website works. (Photo by DAVID CRANE/LOS ANGELES DAILY …

– 2 days ago @ A common issue I see with the Google results are the number of Yelp results a Google search can return for a local type of keyword phrase. It has been going on for well over a year. I even wrote about it when discussing Google’s domain diversity . One webmaster shared an example of a horrible Yelp listing in Google, in the Black Hat Forums . He said, you should take a look at the search results …

– 1 week ago @ NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Facebook (FB) shares are down sharply Tuesday, losing 5.2% to $47.89, following a downgrade from Raymond James, and a broadly weaker tech sector. However, the story is much bigger than the world’s largest social network and …

– 1 week ago @ In case you hadn’t noticed, with today’s apparent reprieve in the U.S. federal government budget and debt ceiling talks, some former high-flyers, mostly of the cloud and Web and social variety, which have been suffering under uncertainty, are regaining …


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