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Louisville Restaurant Health Scores are now on Yelp and there are Problems

As of at least Sunday, when we thought to check, restaurants’ most recent health scores appeared near the top of their listing on Yelp’s website. Selecting the scores leads to an explanation of any violations and a history of the restaurant’s scores, dating back to 2010. Only the most recent score is available on Yelp’s iPhone app (which are found by selecting More Info on a listing).

A quick review of Yelp’s listings for Eater’s 18 essential Louisville restaurants, however, found three discrepancies:

·No score was posted on Yelp for Jack Fry’s. The health department’s website shows the Highlands steakhouse earned a 99 in April 2013.

·Seviche: A Latin Restaurant‘s most recent score listed on Yelp is a 97 from 2010. According to the health department’s website, however, Anthony Lamas’s Bardstown Road spot earned a 100 in February 2013.

·Wagner’s Pharmacy does not have a health score listed. Possible reasons: Yelp categorizes Wagner’s as a pharmacy or the health department has it listed as Wagner (no “s”).

Also, Yelp has the Holy Grale down for 14 violations (seven different ones, each listed twice) on its last inspection, but with a score of 100 (which the health department’s website confirms). In fact, according to Yelp, the Holy Grale has been cited for 14 violations on every inspection since 2010, but it never received a score lower than 96. That relationship between violation and score might make sense to someone with an intricate knowledge of health inspections. But for the average Yelper?

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[Photo: Louisville Metro Flag, Courtesy Wikipedia; Yelp logo, Courtesy Yelp]

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