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Louisville restaurant inspections, scores to be featured on Yelp, national …

LOUISVILLE Ky. (WHAS11) – Mayor Fischer announced on Monday that Louisville is partnering with Yelp, a popular consumer review, to add the city’s restaurant inspections and scores to online restaurant reviews.

San Francisco was the first city to do so nationally but Louisville is the second and is all part of the city’s effort to provide open data to the public.

The announcement was made during the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s meeting in Las Vegas.

“Our restaurant scores have been available on and the city’s smart phone app, Louisville Mobile, for years, in addition to the physical posters that restaurants must display. However, this new partnership takes that information to a national audience and makes it readily available through a highly used consumer site,” Fischer said. “With the help of innovative companies such as Yelp, it is possible to keep the public informed, and more importantly, keep our citizens healthy.”

The Louisville-Yelp partnership will launch later in the summer of 2013. To make sure the most recent scores are available, restaurant scores will be offered daily.

“We’re extremely proud to have Louisville co-lead the LIVES open data movement,” said Jeremy Stoppelman, Yelp CEO. “I applaud Mayor Fischer’s visionary approach to empowering the citizens of Louisville. Louisville’s adoption of LIVES represents a critical step on the path towards national adoption.”

According to a study of the Los Angeles restaurant industry, consumers that have improved exposure to restaurant scores, the number of foodbourne illnesses drop.

Click here to look at and access the the city’s open datasets, everything from crime data to construction permits.



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