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Manhattan Lasik Threatens Yelp Reviewer For Calling Them Scumbags Who …

A) thy are lawyers, using defemation. The lawsuit has nothing to do with copyright. Copyright is only commented on as it relates to the threat letter. The majority of the article, and the Anti-SLAPP commentary, relate to the Defemation charges.

Also, no where does the situation seem to be covered and handled, and if it was, what does that have to do with this event?

B) You appear to be confused. Anti-SLAPP laws are designed to prevent the used of a lawsuit as a weapon. It provides a means for a lawsuit with no clear basis when the case relates to protected speech. It allows a judge to concern himself with the first amendment concerns before the required negotiations and extended periods of discovery. It doesn’t provide immunity, it is a tool to potentially quickly end an otherwise expensive lawsuit, and allow the accused to recover fees if the judge finds that the lawsuit violates first amendment rights. That allows genuine Defemation and other suits to continue, while shutting down the ‘bad apples’ as you put it. Thats not granting immunity, thats providing a relief valve. Because right now, legal costs allow “Bad Apples” to go free.


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