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Monterey restaurant owner blasts online critics

– 7 hours ago @ “This is an ideal way to engage our active online influencers to visit and discover great local businesses and events,” Alex Lane, Yelp Sacramento community manager, said in a news release. More than 35 local businesses and venues are involved in the …

– 1 week ago @ Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi cut the ribbon on Yelp Yelp’s new headquarters Wednesday, making San Francisco’s PacBell building the company’s official new home. The move is a landmark for the online review company, which has been headquartered in …

– 1 week ago @ If you put her business name — Salon Cadiz — into an Internet search engine, a one-star review on the Yelp website pops up. Y.P. writes: “I called the salon to make an appointment and spoke to the owner. She was rude and her tone gave me the …


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