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Most Hilarious Yelp Review for Every NHL Arena

Let me start off by saying that I am a Los Angeles Kings hockey fan, and I attended the Honda Center for a Kings vs. Ducks game, so I expected a few jabs from their fans, which is totally normal. Heck, I would do the same thing if I saw an opposing team’s fan sitting behind me. That’s part of the fun, really.

However, employees are SUPPOSED to be professional and treat every customer with respect. I DID NOT receive such treatment at the Honda Center. I attended the game with three others, one of which was wearing a Duck’s jersey and the rest of us were wearing Kings jackets/jerseys.

As we step up to the first security check, the man with the metal detector says to me ‘Now, I’m going to have to set this to stun since you’re a Kings fan.’ Haha, funny. No problem, pretty innocent. So we step up to the people scanning tickets. The lady looks at us, smiles, and begins to ‘scan’ our tickets. After two seconds she states that our tickets weren’t scanning and we would have to go to the box office to get different ones, She says it happens with all ticketmaster tickets, which is real funny since they weren’t from ticketmaster.

So we walk all the freaking way around the stupid building to wait at the box office for someone to help us, since they are laughing and joking with one another inside. When we go up to the window and tell the lady what happened, she smiles and says she would be right back. After about five seconds she comes back and tells us these should work fine, and hands us back THE SAME TICKETS.

Annoyed, we go to the line nearest us and wait for security. Our friend with the Ducks jersey is wanded like normal and goes to wait for us. My boyfriend, who was behind him, tries to move ahead to be wanded, but the security guard stops him and says ‘Sorry, sir, you’re gonna have to wait here for a minute’, and continues to harass him about the Kings and how they suck.


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