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Most Reviewed Barbecue on Yelp: SugarFire, Hwy 61 and More

Trip AdvisorAngie’s List and Yelp help consumers make decisions on restaurants and various services based on what their neighbors are saying.

From looking for real photos of hotel rooms—to honest reviews of the most popular restaurants—these sites make it a little bit easier to decide. 

We are looking into great places to enjoy barbecue across the St. Louis area Patch sites this week. Your neighbors give their opinions on the food, wait staff, experience and overall appearance of locations around town and Yelp! generates a rating. 

Based on Yelp’s most reviewed ranking, here are the top 12 barbecue location throughout all Patch areas in the St. Louis area.


SugarFire Smoke House in Olivette
 Hwy 61 Roadhouse Kitchen in Webster Groves
Hendricks BBQ in St. Charles
Royal Chinese Barbecue in University City
Vernon’s Bbq Catering in University City
Ethyl’s Smokehouse Saloon in O’Fallon
7. BBQ ASAP in Ellisville  
Bandana’s Bar-B Q in Maryland Heights
 Applegate’s in Brentwood
Ms Piggies Smokehouse in Maryland Heights
11. Stumpy’s Bar-B-Que in St. Peters

Do you agree, or disagree with the Yelp list? Where is your favorite place to grab barbecue?


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