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Most Reviewed on Yelp: Eddie Papa’s American Hangout in Pleasanton

This week we highlight Eddie Papa’s American Hangout in Pleasanton.

The popular spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp.

Eddie Papa’s boasts more than 400 reviews and an average 3.5-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about Eddie Papa’s American Hangout:

A fantastic local hangout, when you drop in you’ll most likely see a few neighbors. Traditional California cuisine is spoken here, be sure to check out the pork chop which is my personal favorite. —Erik J.

We make a huge effort to come to Eddie Papa’s whenever we’re in the area. The concept is a delight – great American cooking done with fresh, local, sustainable and organic ingredients. It costs more than going to Applebee’s, but there’s just no comparison. —Ammy W.

Eddie Papa’s is an extremely cool restaurant, no question about it. Their menu stands alone in brilliant concept – a tour of America right there under one roof! And with this much option and variety, I’m sure everyone can find something pleasing to eat. —Terri N.

Be sure to check out Eddie Papa’s American Hangout in our directory and to rate and review it!

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