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Most Reviewed on Yelp: First Street Alehouse in Livermore

This week we highlight First Street Alehouse in Livermore.

The popular downtown spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp.

First Street Alehouse boasts more than 570 reviews and an average 4-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about First Street Alehouse:

Been here 5 times (driving out from Fremont), and we’ll continue to frequent this place for 3 main reasons: Good beer, Good food, and Good vibe. I like going to restaurants that are always packed; it means something is going on here! —Laura B.

WOW, what a gem in Livermore. So many beers to choose from. I recommend this place to everyone! Great selection, I love the atmosphere. —Anthony S.

Good food, great atmosphere, good service, reasonably priced … and a fantastic outdoor dining that allows dogs! Woof! —Julee E.

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