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Most Reviewed on Yelp: Gay Nineties Pizza in Pleasanton

This week we highlight Gay Nineties Pizza in Pleasanton.

The popular downtown spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp.

Gay Nineties Pizza boasts more than 260 reviews and an average 3.5-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about Gay Nineties Pizza:

I have never been disapointed coming here. The staff is always friendly and timely, the crust is always crisp and  I really enjoy the decore in the front room being in the fashion of the… well gay 90’s. —Jessica A.

I absolutely love this place!  Pizza is great… sauce is delicious!  We went yesterday and I had ordered before hand for pickup a large pizza,  well the person on the phone misunderstood and thought I had said small. When we went to pick it up we told the guy that we had ordered a large.  He gave us the small that was already done for free and ordered a large for us and rushed the order,  we waited about 10 minutes for it. Great customer service! —Vicky D.

This is legitimately the best pizza in the Tri Valley. It’s got the most insanely fresh and fluffy crust that perimeters a cheesy gooey pie. You have to fork-and-knife it until the piece is manageable enough to pick up, but it’s crazy good. —Tina S.

Be sure to check out Gay Nineties Pizza in our directory and to rate and review it!

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