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Most Reviewed on Yelp: Johnny Garlic’s

This week we highlight Johnny Garlic’s in Dublin.

The popular spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp. Johnny Garlic’s has almost 500 reviews and an average 2.5-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about Johnny Garlic’s:

I love garlic so lets get that out of te way. And I loooooooove dives, diners and drive ins. The food here is healthy. No question it’s large portions and very extreme flavors. But man is it good. Not super healthy but why go out to eat healthy and suffer. Get the garlic anything! 

The waiters we had was really helpful. Taylor recommended the best appetizers and wine. I forget what the wine was but she nailed it. -Neil D. of Pleasanton

I came here last weekend with some friends. I have not been to this place since it converted from Fuzio’s. I have to say that I liked the new interior even if the layout is very similar from the old. The drinks I ordered was decent. I’m glad that it was not watered down. However, I have to say that I am very disappointed with the food. We ordered the calamari appetizer. The calamari is very thin and crunchy that you can barely taste if there is calamari in it. It is mixed with very thin, stringy onion rings. It is far from the calamari appetizer that I would enjoy. It tastes more like batter. I was not too hungry so I ordered their Lamb sliders. I appreciate that I was warned that the portion is small. I was expecting a small portion but I didn’t realize how small it was. It was far smaller from the portion I used to get from Fuzio’s sliders. The worst part is when I took a bite of the lamb sliders. It had this mealy rancid salty taste. There was no flavor to it, just plain salty. I love lamb dishes and I know when a good, quality lamb meat is used or a good lamb dish is. It was terrible. I had to take a gulp of my mai tai to push it down my throat. I only ate one of the three tiny sliders. My mistake, I should have sent it back. My boyfriend ordered the chicken parmesian which he shared with me. The chicken was too salty and a bit burned and the thin spaghetti it came with did not have any flavor. Those are three strikes in one night. The only good tasting food we had in the evening was the Banana foster dessert which is hard to mess up. Maybe I’ll come back in a few months when I hear from reviewers and friends that they’ve improved their food. But for this visit, I give this place a double thumbs down. I’d go to other places with better price and quality of food.

Service was also slow. The poor guy serving us was very nice but very overwhelmed. For the price that this place charge, they need to increase their servers. 

I should’ve checked Yelp before I came here……… Toni R. of San Francisco

Once upon a long time ago, I went to Johnny Garlic’s in Petaluma.  This is not about that meal.

The Dublin location is conveniently located next to the movie theater.  Having a couple hours to spare before our show began, we decided to have dinner here.  We arrived probably around 5:30-5:45 on a Thursday.  The place was pretty empty, but we still had to wait  few minutes while they found us a table.  This gave us a chance to take a look at the menu, so we didn’t mind.

That particular day was our waiter’s first day going solo, and we were his first table.  He did great. Our orders were correct, he came by frequently to check on us and to refill our drinks, and he was knowledgeable about the menu and the appetizer/drink promotion of the day.  

Our food was very good, but a bit pricier than we would have liked.  We had two entrees, an appetizer, and two drinks, plus a tip – and walked out $90 poorer.  My husband’s beer was at least twice as large (maybe 3x) as my cocktail, yet mine was almost $2 more.  

The only other thing I wasn’t a fan of was the plastering of Guy Fieri’s products everywhere.  Cookbooks, knives, shirts, the whole lot was on display as soon as you walked in.  It was a bit much.  

All of that said, we really did enjoy our visit and we will be back again, I’m sure.  Even if just for a beer and a basket of the garlic fries! -Jess S. of Tracy

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