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Most Reviewed on Yelp: Koi Palace in Dublin

This week we highlight Koi Palace in Dublin.

The popular spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp.

Koi Palace boasts more than 550 reviews and an average 3.5-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about Koi Palace:

The best dim sum place around!! At least you get that perception with the attentive service and nice ambience. There’s also a nice variety of dim sum here and some special order dishes that you don’t find elsewhere. —Barney F.

Awesome food and decent service.  Just don’t go for dimsum if you dislike waiting. Especially good are the snow pea leaves, lobster, Szechuan chicken, basil crab, scallop fried rice, etc etc etc – ugh everything! — Mona K.

Carefully prepared and tasty dim sum; better than any I’ve had in recent memory in SoCal. These folks sweat the details, and of course, dim sum is all about details. Wish they would open a restaurant in the Los Angeles area. —Gary V.

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