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Most Reviewed on Yelp: Piatti Ristorante & Bar in Danville

This week we highlight Piatti Ristorante Bar in Danville.

The popular spot is among the most-reviewed local restaurants on Yelp.

Piatti Ristorante Bar boasts nearly 300 reviews and an average 4-star rating on Yelp.

Here’s what some Yelp reviewers are saying about Piatti Ristorante Bar:

Wonderful, wonderful everything! Boyfriend and I love it.  Amazing wine, great food, upscale ambiance, friendly and speedy service, and most of all, DELICIOUS. —Brianna M.

This is my favorite place. The service is great. Food is excellent. Prices are reasonable. Its a fun place to go. A little loud at times. Still nice ambience.
for kids they will bring out items for pizza and let them make it. —Gina J.

Fun fun fun. Good food. I’m an adult so I’m starting with dessert – tiramisu is fantastic so save room for that. We had a great Date Night there again.  Service and food takes care of you. The bread with the dipping oil and herbs is phenomenal so be careful on filling up too much on that stuff. Sirloin and cod daily special was great. Just keep in mind that the restaurant is noisy and make reservations as it is a busy place. If the weather is nice, sit outside. —Denise L.

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