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Nearly Two-Fifths of Yelp Restaurant Reviews Are Phony, Shows Study

– 1 day ago @ Earlier this month it was reported that business review website Yelp had sued an individual who won against the company in small claims court. Julian McMillian, a San Diego lawyer, had sued Yelp over an ad deal. Yelp is now asking for $25,000 from …

– 1 week ago @ McMillan argues the lawsuit has “no merit,” and that it’s in retaliation for him taking the company to small claims court earlier this year over an advertising dispute, in which he claims Yelp treats non-advertising companies differently. “They’re an …

– 1 day ago @ This spring, San Diego bankruptcy attorney Julian McMillan took a jab at Yelp, a well-known website where customers post anonymous reviews of businesses. McMillan won a $2,700 small-claims court case against Yelp over an advertising contract dispute.

– 1 week ago @ A San Diego bankruptcy law firm is being sued by the ratings website Yelp for allegedly having its employees, posing as clients, write positive reviews. The San Francisco-based company is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. “We take …


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