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Outsmarting Yelp – Part 2: Turning The Tables

Learn Reputation Management skills and secret to viral fan engagement with Adryenn Ashley!

For businesses with NO Reputation,
For businesses with a BAD Reputation,


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Adryenn Ashley

Adryenn Ashley is the mediagenic founder of Wow! Is Me. As an award winning filmmaker and actress she is used to transforming herself and others into riveting onscreen characters. Now she uses her well honed techniques to transform everyday entrepreneurs into wildly successful business celebrities. As a mentor to CEOs worldwide, she is directly responsible for adding significant revenue to her client's bottom line. For information on how you can work with Adryenn Ashley, go to

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  1. 100 Pure Garcinia

    We have gone through Yelp's automated system submitting about the same thing a number of times over the last six weeks and have still received NO response

  2. Misty

    Has anyone here had success In taking the bad reviewer to court for harassment? Things got so bad, my business suffered and she admitted she doesnt' care. That is actually damage to my property and that is her weapon of choice the threats.

  3. Darlene

    The Filtered Reviews Picture I uploaded to my site on Yelp never showed up. I guess Yelp filters businerss owner's photos too!


      Nope they filtered my picture of a business too. Nothing can instruct people to look at filtered reviews… or it gets filtered.

  4. Ginger

    I have a business on Yelp with 18 filtered (positive) reviews, 0 negative ones. These are 18 different individual customers, submitted over the course of the past couple of years…and 100% are FILTERED so that only me (the business owner) and the individuals who left them can see them. I have a feeling that if there were negative ones, they wouldn't be filtered so aggressively. At times, one or two have been visible, but they always eventually fade back into the filtered results so it appears we have none.

    Several times I have contacted Yelp to complain or ask WHY? They aren't even responsive! If it was possible to review Yelp itself, they would earn absolute poorest possible review for non-responsiveness. I have a feeling if I was a paid advertiser, some of those reviews would be showing up…but I refuse to reward their unscrupulous game-playing with exactly what they desire. For now, I have simply moved Yelp to the very end of the list of review sites we make available to our customers should they choose to leave us an online review.

  5. Bill R.

    I noticed that all my reviews, like so many others were filtered. So I emailed Yelp and there explanation for what gets filtered is asinine. So I emailed them back and told them I would no longer be using their site. I am a webpage developer and today every click on every clients page that previously directed to now points here to

    A couple of years ago Netflix flicked it noses at their customer base and jacked the price almost double. The users collectively decided, bullshit and 70% of them cancelled. Netflix thought they were so big they could just do whatever they pleased, but the users brought them to their knees. Today, Netflix is still hanging by a thread. Microsoft is another one not listening to their users. They keep trying to promote and force feed Windows 8 upon the users so have clearly stated they don't want it. Couple of days ago their stock values plummeted billions of dollars in a single day. They dumb ass companies get so large they forget who helped them get up there. The end users are always the driving force. As a business owner, when you lose sight of this simple concept, you're toast. –Bill Roulo

    1. Rod Fram

      Perfect…yelp filtered all my positive reviews so I'm so glad you have domes this.

  6. Noeleen

    I just want to know how to get off Yelp please help me!

  7. Carla

    I have had a business for almost 25 years. I noticed it had only one star so I looked and all the 5 stars are filtered. Only the one star shows up. How is that fair?

  8. Michelle

    "Reputation" is misspelled in your link resulting in misdirection to another site.

    1. Adryenn Ashley

      Where? Thank you for finding this!

  9. Cecilia

    We have gone through Yelp's automated system submitting about the same thing a number of times over the last six weeks and have still received NO response.

    Unfortunately, we're stuck in a six month advertising contact with them. We're spending two thousand dollars with Yelp just to have their bizarre rules actually damage our reputation which has been solid and with thousands of happy customers over the last 13 years we've been in business!

  10. Sam

    My company only has 3 reviews, 2 excellent with 1 bad one. The bad review really seems like a joke. My business is in the auto sector where we service vehicles, and the review stated in very bad English that we stole everything from the car. I tried contacting that person through yelp message multiple times and no reply. Either it is my competitor or a evil person. I highly doubt it is any of our clients because I think it would be obvious. I've had sleepless nights about this because we are a small operation and depend on this business. I have contacted yelp about it but no response. Instead their sales person has called me 3 times trying to sell me on yelp advertising. I told her to stick it. We track our referrals by getting all of our clients to fill out a work authorization form with a blank box on the sheet indication who they were refereed by and quite a few specifically wrote yelp in the box. Yelp doesn't own my business so what gives them the right, without my permission to even create a profile about my business on their site? In my opinion anything with my company name on it i own. If not. Talk to my lawyer.

  11. Cathy

    Hello Adryenn! Thank you for this wonderful video! I've been a dietitian in Gig Harbor with my own company and have loved my business and my clients. Nutrition, helping clients with weight loss and nutrition-related ailments, and customer service are all passions of mine. But ironically, after two years of being in business helping many wonderful people, I very sadly had my first Yelp review and it was awful. This person had visited me on a day in which I was a little off, but had still given the best customer service I could, which was a lot. She posted hateful comments most of which were totally untrue and downright lies. I was told not to reply to such madness, but a couple months later I wrote her a long letter clarifying some things that were erroneous in her review and replies, asked her how I could make things right with her, and also if she could please remove the review since it had inaccuracies. She interpreted my caring letter as merely an attempt to remove the review and no more (like she is a mind-reader I suppose), and was very terse and ugly in her email as she had been in all earlier correspondence. This person is clearly hateful, emotionally imbalanced and does not even want to me to help in anyway…So I think I have discovered this 1% of the population that you mentioned! I have asked Yelp to look into the review, since it was full of mostly lies. What does one do in that case? And again, thanks for this very informative video and for what you are doing!

  12. Gino

    Please have Ashley email me directly, with a contact phone number, so I can visit via telephone in more detail about the program.


  13. Sarah

    We are a very new business and had a person with a personal vendetta post a review that doesn't even makes sense. I have written multiple times to Yelp (you can't call them, because they don't respond to calls, but rather send you through an automated system) and yet the review stays.

    Yelp states that it can take up to 7 days to respond to an inquiry without acknowledging that it can take less than 7 days to severely damage a reputation.

  14. Ashkan Jalili, DC,

    Thank you very much for this informative video. It's interesting how our office is one of the most loved ones in Los Angeles, however, our yelp page has become a blog for digruntled patients that sometimes falsely vent out and yelp calls it "personal opinion" even if it is false and proven with evidence.

    Thanks again for the insight,

    Dr. Jalili

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