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Picking up the phone too troublesome? Yelp now offers direct food ordering.

– 4 days ago @ A few months back, my colleague Megan wrote about Yelp’s new partnership with the delivery services Eat24 and, which allow customers to place online delivery and takeout orders directly from Yelp. I stumbled upon the new feature myself …

– 5 days ago @ Many years ago, back at the dawn of Yelp in New York City, I became a figure of legend: A member of the Yelp Elite. This was back in the heady days of 2006 when there weren’t that many Yelpers and even fewer with the Elite badge. Going to Elite events …

– 1 week ago @ Craig Martin, owner of Cafe 50’s in West Los Angeles, says some consumers are using Yelp as a weapon. He and other business owners are not exactly happy with the way the social media website works. DAVID CRANE — LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS.

– 1 week ago @ Here are the top 5 restaurants in Edgewater and Davidsonville in descending order (fast food restaurants excluded), according to Yelp and its highest star rating. Yelp—for those who don’t know—is a “guide that helps people find cool places to eat …


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